17 Top Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Looking for the top tourist attractions, historical and iconic places to visit in Singapore? Singapore is the ideal exotic getaway for weary travellers, with so much to offer any kind of tourist.

Whether you’re a free-spirit looking for a warm holiday with no set plan, or a careful planner who likes to have their entire trip itinerary organised well in advance, Singapore has what you are looking for.

With exciting attractions that get the mind racing, aquatic adventures to immerse yourself in and stunning flora and fauna to behold, you’ll find whatever your heart desires, all in one place.

Here we break down 17 top tourist attractions in Singapore that are sure to pique the interest of every kind of tourist.

Marina Bay Sands


This renowned hotel cuts an iconic figure over the city of Singapore. In the heart of Singapore’s thriving city centre, it’s the ultimate stop-off for tourists looking to put their feet up and be truly pampered. There is the rooftop infinity pool to soak your cares away in, a casino, a dance club, three lounges and 20 dining options to choose from. Your meals won’t be second class either. The hotel employs a range of celebrity chefs so you know that whatever you choose from the menu will be of the utmost quality. With epic views of the Singapore city skyline from its rooms, you don’t want to go past the Marina Bay Sands.

Gardens by the Bay


You wouldn’t expect to find a nature park right in the centre of a city, but then again, Singapore always likes to impress with the unexpected. Gardens by the Bay consists of three waterfront gardens and spans a stunning 250 acres of clean, green land. Two must-see attractions at the park are the two conservatories on site. The Flower Dome’s temperate is set to emulate that of a mild and dry climate, with Mediterranean, Australian, South American and South African plants calling this enclosure home. The second conservatory, Cloud Forest, is set to cooler, moister conditions, making it the perfect climate for tropical plants from South East Asia and South America to thrive.

Take a break and be sure to check out Gardens by the Bay on your stopover.

Helix Bridge

top singapore tourist attraction

This bridge, reminiscent of a double helix structure, is truly a site to behold. Located at Singapore’s Marina Bay, it pays homage in its design to the structure of DNA, but is also an attraction of interest for engineering buffs visiting the city, who will marvel at its efficient structure. Although it looks fragile due to being constructed with less steel than the average bridge, it can carry up to 10,000 people at one time. Its LED light installation is magnificent in itself, lighting up the bay area with multi-coloured light fixtures, but also using white-light to create an illuminated walkway for tourists crossing over.

ArtScience Museum

Located within the aforementioned Marina Bay Sands, the ArtScience Museum is a quirky attraction that is sure to impress. Not only is it the first museum of its kind in the world, but it is home to a number of touring exhibitions that pass through its doors. Its permanent exhibition, the ArtScience Gallery, is comprised of 21 individual galleries that span a mammoth 6,000 square metres. Its touring exhibitions have included ‘Van Gogh Alive’, ‘Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition’ as well as an Andy Warhol display. For environmental advocates, you will be pleased to know that the museum has numerous sustainable features – including using recycled rainwater in the restrooms. You will be sure to find something to gaze in wonder at in the ArtScience Museum.

Singapore Marina Barrage

Ever the sustainable city, the Marina Barrage is yet another example of why Singapore is ahead of the times. This reservoir, Singapore’s 15th, has a catchment area that is equivalent to one sixth of the size of the city and is the city’s largest. The barrage is responsible for increasing Singapore’s water catchment from half to a huge two thirds of the land area of the city. The freshwater catchment is also responsible for lowering the impact of flooding in low-lying areas. “How is this a tourist attraction?” you may ask. The Marina Barrage is used for all kinds of fun activities, such as dragon boating and kayaking. The brilliant natural invention is a must-visit when you travel through Singapore.

Singapore Flyer

In a similar vein to other contemporary contraptions such as the Melbourne Star and the London Eye, the Singapore Flyer is the ultimate way to see the city’s illuminated skyline from above.

The observation wheel offers 360-degree views of beautiful Singapore – on one side, the crashing waves of the ocean looking out to Malaysia and on the other, the landmarks that make Singapore great, from Raffles Place to Orchard Road.

The Singapore Flyer is open all day until late, but is best travelled on at night to make the most of the views that will greet you from 165 metres above the ground.

Universal Studios Singapore


There’s no need to visit the USA anymore to be able to say you have visited world-famous Universal Studios. Its South East Asian counterpart, Universal Studios Singapore, is a stop that cannot be passed up, especially if you are a movie buff. Exciting at every turn, you’ll need an entire day to truly experience the magic of the movies and go on the number of rides this attraction has to offer.

Located within Resorts World on Sentosa Island, an expanse of land easily accessible from Singapore’s mainland, it has something for everyone, from dare-devil thrill-seekers to the more weak-hearted. Choose from the seven movie-themed zones and go from there, from the Transformers ride in Sci-Fi City to the terrifying The Mummy experience in the Ancient Egypt zone, plus many more.

S.E.A. Aquarium

Also located on thrill-packed Sentosa Island, S.E.A. Aquarium is hugely popular with lovers of sealife and amateur marine experts passing through Singapore. A large and diverse range of underwater creatures call the aquarium home, from the ever-popular manta rays, to exotic fish. The aquarium is divided into 49 different habitats to best suit the needs of the 800 species of marine life, from replicas of the Bay of Bengal to the Strait of Malacca. S.E.A. Aquarium is a brilliant stop-off for young and old and you will definitely walk away with more knowledge than you ever thought possible of life under the sea.

Sentosa Adventure Cove Waterpark


Another top tourist attraction that is located on Sentosa Island, Adventure Cove Waterpark is one of the best places to take the kids to run wild for a day during your getaway to Singapore – with exhilarating high-speed water slides for those looking to go a little crazy, snorkelling with exotic sealife or merely relaxing and taking in the sun as you float on the river all day. Family-friendly, with a large crew of fully-trained lifeguards on duty at any one time, Adventure Cove Waterpark is your best bet for a fun-filled day in Singapore. The kids will absolutely love it.

Underwater World Singapore


While you spend a number of days taking in the huge number of attractions located on Sentosa Island, ensure you make a pit-stop at Underwater World Singapore. Have you ever wanted to kiss a dolphin or shake hands with a fur seal? This is where your dream will come true – and you’ll even get a photo to take away of you and your new-found friends at the end of it!

At Underwater World Singapore, you can also feed the sharks and manta rays or, if you aren’t brave enough for that, merely spend a relaxing day taking in the sealife on display (from a distance, of course).

Another great Singapore tourist attraction for families with kids – or adults who are just big kids themselves – you’ll love spending a day taking in the local fauna.

iFly Indoor Skydiving


This one is for the hard-core adventure seekers!

An experience popular all over the world, iFly’s Singapore counterpart is the perfect outing to experience all of the thrills of skydiving, without actually having to jump out of a plane. Located on Sentosa Island, iFly Singapore offers two heart-stopping skydives to every ticket holder – all in the safety of their gravity-defying wind tunnel. The wind tunnel offers a height of 56.5 feet to flyers and is so huge it can accommodate up to 20 flyers at any one time.

For those a little concerned about safety, have no fear! The entire team at iFly Singapore are fully-trained and the facility holds a large number of safety certificates, meeting all requirements to make it a day you will remember for years to come!

Singapore Cable Car

For those afraid of heights, you might want to skip over this attraction, as it’s not for the faint-hearted!

The Singapore Cable Car is what connects mammoth Mount Faber with action-packed Sentosa Island.

Officially named the Singapore Cable Car Sky Network, it offers unparalleled views of the city from high above Mount Faber – with numerous stops along the way to cater for where you need to go on your travels.

Are you looking to escape the city for a few hours and breathe in the clean mountain air whilst taking in epic panoramic views? Perhaps you are heading straight for the jam-packed Sentosa Island for a day’s fun in the sun? The choice is yours.

Singapore Zoo

Zoos are always popular with tourists no matter the location. It’s an opportunity you can’t pass up to see local and international wildlife you might not otherwise have the chance to see. It’s also a great day out for everyone – from individuals to families.

Singapore Zoo goes above and beyond the expectations of a standard zoo, with 28 hectares of space housing its 315 different species of animals. It’s also one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore, with travellers flocking through the gates each year to get lost in the zoo’s huge array of enclosures. Unlike other zoos, Singapore Zoo opts for a natural approach to its creatures’ habitats, with the animals living happily in large, open, green spaces.

The zoo is also home to the largest colony of orangutans in captivity in the world.

Night Safari


So your days in Singapore have been full to the brim of exciting adventures to write home about, but what about your nights? Some of the best attractions in Singapore are open after sunset, and the Night Safari is one of them.

As many animals are nocturnal, Singapore was the first country to open a night-time safari park to make sure that animal-lovers didn’t miss out on seeing the wildlife that come out after dark.

Easily accessible by public transport, the Night Safari park takes you through seven geographical areas chosen from throughout the world, all from the comfort of a tram. You will travel through the Himalayas, Outback Australia, Asian rainforests and much more as you take in these nocturnal animals coming out to play.

Singapore River Safari


If you haven’t had enough of zoos and aquariums on your trip to Singapore by now, definitely add the River Safari to your list. Located between the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari, the River Safari is another world-first, featuring boat rides up the river, animal exhibits and theme park rides. It’s a terrific stop-off point, whether you are looking to kick back and relax as you travel on a riverboat or get up close and personal with giant pandas – one of the safari’s prime attractions. There’s no chance you will miss out on seeing any of these attractions either – the River Safari runs every 15 minutes during daytime hours.

Jurong Bird Park


Singapore prides itself on its range of wildlife reserves, and if you have ticked the Night Safari, Singapore Zoo and River Safari off your list, head over to the Jurong Bird Park next.

The perfect escape for ornithologists visiting Singapore’s fauna-friendly shores, the world-renowned bird-only zoo houses a large number of both local bird species and international breeds all in one place. Its collection of flamingos, emus, cassowaries, fruit doves, owls and pelicans (amongst many others), makes it a dream attraction for bird lovers. 29 of the 400 bird species housed at Jurong Bird Park are endangered, and the staff are going above and beyond to keep these breeds away from danger and to help them thrive in their new home.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

The final stop-off for nature lovers visiting Singapore is Singapore Botanic Gardens. If you can’t get enough of the flora this nature-loving city takes such pride in, you won’t be disappointed with your experience here. 156 years old, this historical expanse of land has been awarded the title of “Asia’s top park attraction” numerous times by TripAdvisor. Singapore is world-famous for its orchids, and you’ll find 1,200 species of this beautiful flower in the Botanic Gardens. Within its walls, it also has its very own mini-rainforest and botany centre, and now that it is officially UNESCO World Heritage listed, the gardens are fully-protected and will continue to bring millions of tourists in each year to marvel at their immense beauty.

Singapore is a cultural melting-pot of attractions that will wow any tourist passing through on their travels. From national parks and waterways to exciting theme parks and architectural and engineering feats of genius, it has something for everyone. Whether you are passing through with kids, or escaping on a romantic couple’s retreat, the raw beauty of Singapore and its pledge to remain a clean, green place to visit make it a traveller’s haven.

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